The Arena

The Arena is an exclusive area where one can play live-action poker.  To enter Arena games, players use Arena Tournament Chips (commonly abbreviated ATC's or TC's) which are awarded during scheduled monthly tournaments. Those tournament chips can be used in the Arena anytime of day or night to play ring games (e.g. 1-2 No Limit Holdem) and Sit-n-Goes. No need to wait for the next scheduled tournament!  In the Arena you bring your Tournament Chips to the table.


Arena Battle

In a scheduled 2 hours, players starting Arena Tournament Chip Balance will be recorded.  At the conclusion of the 2 hour period, the ATC's balance will be recorded again.  The players that increase their Arena Tournament Chip Balance most in that time frame will win CASH!  Hourly Tournaments in that time frame will not award ATC's.  So you might ask, "How do I increase my ATC balance?!?!?"  By playing Arena Sit and Go's and Ring games is the answer.


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