How to Play VDOG Subscription Site Poker

Go to Play Now and follow the process to create an account, get your membership and download the poker client.  If you have any questions, you can also refer to our FAQ.

Learning the Game of Poker

If you are learning to play poker for the first time, here are some links to some of the basics you will need to know.  Wikipedia gives a little history and description of Poker, with links to variations of the game.  Currently, the most popular game is Texas Hold’em the rules section is a good start to read.

Knowing the rank of winning hands is possibly the most important thing to learn as a beginner.  You can’t ask your opponents if you have a good hand and expect them to actually help you out but you can ask if it’s your turn to bet. This video and list of the rank of poker winning hands clearly outlines what beats what.  Remember virtually all poker games it is the best 5 cards.  

Tournaments like you will find in VDOGpoker are a great way to start learning the ins and outs of poker.  The added benefit of VDOGpoker is that once you cash in a tournament or two you will have Arena tournament chips to learn the feel of a ring game in the VDOGpoker Arena. 

Learn the terms of poker.  Inevitably you will see in the table chat or in the VDOGpoker Chat room terms you are unfamiliar with.   This is a great list of poker terms to keep on top of your chat.

Improving your Game of Poker

More to come…