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Letter from the CEO:

We hear you.

Since our launch, we have had more than 50 radio shows and have given away thousands of dollars. We have experienced a few inappropriate words on the air and a few inappropriate exchanges in chat. In response, we are adjusting our radio programming schedule and developing better guidelines. I want to personally thank Hal, Joy, all the Twisted Sisters, and Wade for promoting VDOG and entertaining everyone.

From now on, in VDOG chat, there are no restrictions on the discussion of radio stations or other poker sites – go for it, we’re better and not afraid. The primary rule in all chat is that players do not use foul language nor personally attack nor denigrate other players.

VDOG – empowering the players

$50 Freeroll In the Muck with Randy and Chuck

Tonight, Pink Floyd and the sounds related to Pink Floyd will be the show theme! Join us and figure out the relationship of the music we play with Pink Floyd. The New Radio Broadcast Schedule will be released, and we're also going to unleash a new capability in the VDOG Poker Software - you will love it.

Friday Evening- Games Guild With Baby Bob!

We’re excited to introduce The Gamers Guild Show featuring 3 DJ spots beginning at 6PM Eastern leading into the 9PM main event!  You can chat with them in Discord at and listen at either, or at

Fubar will start off with Baby Bob 6PM Eastern to 7:30 when he hands it off to Shaz and her Irish brogue from 7:30 to the start of the Main Event Tournament at 9.  Slacker takes it home to through Midnight announcing the tournament, bounties and secret word cash give-away for listeners.  Baby Bob’s not the announcer, it’s the show!  Shaz will announce password on air leading up to the tournament. 

Interested in being a bounty? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Full Radio Schedule

Mon – LIVE- In the Muck with Randy and Chuck – 9PM EST

Tues – Kersh’s Introductory Music Playlist – 8:45PM EST

Wed – LIVE- Introducing Slacker to the VDOG community as he DJ’s On-Air – 9PM EST

Thurs – LIVE- Anne and Kersh - Empower the Players - During the Show, we'll be fielding suggestions in chat as players recommend names for the show! – 9PM  EST

FRIDAY – LIVE- It’s our New Baby Bob as we partner up with Gamers Guild. Shaz, Fubar, and Slacker DJ and Announce.  See the introduction above… Bounties, Cash Give-away, Password On-Air. – Beginning 6PM EST, FREEROLL at 9

We have a full slate of poker and poker entertainment at VDOGpoker tonight so make your plans to hang out with us tonight at VDOGpoker! Don't forget to invite your friends.  

Use your player name as a referral code and make up to $20.00 each time a friend becomes a VIP!

We look forward to seeing you at the tables!

The VDOG Staff


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